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Community Civic

Our Mission

Edgemere Community Civic Association’s mission is to collaborate with organizations and community leaders to identify the needs of the community and enrich the lives of those who call it home.


Through various community initiatives, we strive to foster community pride through healthy, safe, and sustainable living while advocating for the unmet cultural, economic, educational, and environmental needs for the betterment of the Edgemere community and the entire Rockaway Peninsula.

Beach Fench

Our Vision

Edgemere Community Civic Association’s vision is to create a thriving vibrant inclusive community that enhances and enriches the quality of life for all Edgemere residents.


Through increased community awareness and participation; through advocacy and volunteerism for Beautification initiatives, Cleaner and Safer Streets, Healthy and Sustainable food options, Social Recreational outlets, and  protecting our Natural Environmental Resources.

Building A Community

Changing the narrative of Edgemere by instilling community pride through the notion that we can achieve more together than alone, by embracing the diversity of the community we aim to connect and inspire community members through active engagement.

Raising Awareness

Providing a unified community voice that seeks a better quality of life, accessing healthy foods, quality healthcare,  physical activities, social recreation and incorporating art and culture into the framework of community development.  We will achieve this through maintaining various social media platforms to keep residents informed and involved.   

Cleaning up our Community

It starts with us, change begins when individuals collectively agree to create a flourishing community that consists of clean and safe streets by advocating for beautification, environmental stewardship, public safety, and sanitation. "Be the change you want to see in your community."

Being a good neighbor is keeping our community clean. 
Not only does it improve our quality of life, it increases our property value.
Let's do our part!

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