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Dues are the lifeblood of any Civic Association.  We are committed community members who are contributing our time and service to improve the quality of life for the Edgemere community at no charge.  ECCA is a NYS registered Civic Association and in order for it to be successful and fully operational as a Civic there are expenses that go into reaching you, our members. These platforms are used to keep the community up to date with issues affecting our neighborhood and the Rockaway Community at large. Our Association's mission and vision is to enhance and enrich the quality of life in our community.  Your dues payment is essential in meeting our goals.  Listed below are a few and not limited to what your dues will pay for:  

  • Website Creation, Maintenance & Domain Use

  • Zoom Virtual Meeting Usage Fees - [Monthly Meetings]

  • Social Media Facebook, Twitter, Instagram - [Where Applicable}

  • Flyers Designs & Promotional Material 

  • Legal Advisement - Advocacy to ensure Edgemere gets it fair share of community space, ie., Parks, Recreation and Stop over development of housing

  • Taxes for Future Community Space - [Meeting Event Space]

  • Refreshments (Coffee & Tea) - [When safe to host physical meetings] 

If you are interested in partnering with us, please send us a message

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